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Price list

Price list valid from January 1, 2019

1 lesson/massage = 800 CZK
10 lessons/massages = 7.200 CZK (Date of expire 3 months)

Lesson/massage takes 60 minutes.

The prices are finally. I don´t pay VAT.
I accept payments from BENEFIT-PLUS including their cards.
Bank account number and bank code: 858817003/0800, IBAN: CZ15 0800 0000 0008 5881 7003, BIC: GIBACZPX

Terms of service for lessons from January 1, 2019

1. The lesson begins in the exercise area of the fitness center after changing into appropriate exercise apparel and footware. For hygienic reasons, bring towel which can be placed on the leather of the exercise equipment.
2. In addition to the price of the lesson it is necessary to pay the admission price to the fitness center.
3. The price of the lesson includes the development of a training plan with photos.
4. Lessons must be cancelled at least six hours prior. Lessons cancelled after that must be paid for.
5. Lessons must be paid in cash prior to the beginning of training or by bank transfer at least one week after the first lesson.
6. For two people training together, the price per lesson increases 50% (for example, 800 CZK x 1,5 = 1.200 CZK in total). If only one of the two persons comes to a lesson, the price remains the same like the price for an individual.
7. With the payment of the lesson (1, 10) you hereby agree to the terms of service.