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1. Personal training


Personal training is an effective form of exercise with the full assistance of a trainer. The advantage of personal training is convenience, efficiency and professionalism. Some may just want to strengthen or shape their body, while others might like to get rid of back pain or just relax after a hard day at work. Personal training is suitable for all of this.

1.1 Handicap training


Previous experience with this type of training :

herniated disc, disintegration of the disc, bolted vertebrae, bolted leg fracture, scoliosis of the spine, arthritis of the hip (coxa), diabetes, incorrect position of kneecaps (patellas) in the knee joint, asthma, hypertension, obesity, damaged ligaments in the knees, fracture of three ribs and wrist, training after gynecological surgery (strengthening the pelvic region), imbalance in the scapula and pelvic area, pregnancy   

1.2. Weight reduction
Shaping training
Fitness training
Strength and conditioning training


Training is available for everyone: teens, adults, even for senior citizens of both genders. The youngest trainee was 11 years old, the oldest 66. The largest weight loss was 52 kg in a year.

2. Circuit training


Do you really want to sweat? Then there are more options waiting for you…weights, machines, Swiss exercise balls, your own body, etc.


3. Supplemental and preparatory training for other sports


Tennis, squash, racquetball, football, hockey, softball etc.


4. Strengthening with Swiss exercise balls


These are exercises taken from trainers in the NHL .


5. Assisted stretching


If you want to be more limber, your trainer will help you. He can stretch you more than you would be able to do on your own.


6. Initial fitness diagnosis


Do you know how’s your physical condition, flexibility, strength, or whether you have muscle imbalance or poor posture? These intial tests will provide quick answers.


7. Jogging training


Do you want to run under the supervision of a trainer and avoid possible mistakes?


8. Personal training plan


Based on the initial fitness diagnosis I will prepare a personal training plan for you. The plan includes photos and descriptions of the exercises so you are able to train on your own.


9. Personal dietary plan


Based on your current dietary regimen I will prepare an optimized dietary plan for you for the entire week.


10. Massages (sports and fitness)


This can be done in your home or in a partner massage studio.


11. Kinezio taping


Are you an athlete whose muscles, tendons, or ligaments hurt because of overexertion or because of an injury? Or do you simply want to have more confidence before the next sporting event? Then the solution is simple--kinezio tape professionally taped directly onto your skin.


12. Deacidification of the body by Jentschura


Are you tired, can´t you break down fat, or do you have cellulite or other chronic problems? Try deacidification. Your body will thank you. Get rid of problems, fine-tune your metabolism and improve the efficiency of your body. Your blood will be cleansed and you will be much more energetic than at present. So how to do this? By changing your eating habits and taking supplements, you will take better care of your skin, organs and your body as a whole.

Note: Only the cost of personal training is included in this price list. I would be glad to provide costs of additional services included here on a personal basis. Rates for personal training are generally hourly according to the amount of time given to a specific type of service.

13. Individual or group lessons exercise with smovey (outside, inside, in swimming pool)

More informatin on website www.vibracnikruhy.cz (texts, fotos and videos)