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Martin Hojda – Personal trainer in Prague

"The human body is a perfect machine and it is only up to us as to how we take care of it."


Welcome to the website of Martin Hojda, a professional personal trainer.

To begin with, let me ask some questions that can help to clarify your desires regarding your body:

  • Are you a purposeful person who cares about your appearance?
  • Are you unhappy with your figure?
  • Do you need to strengthen the abdominal and gluteus muscles?
  • Are you lacking flexibility or does your back hurt?
  • Are you often out of breath when climbing stairs?
  • Do you want to lose fat in certain parts of your body?
  • Do you not fit into your favourite clothes?
  • Do you not know how to train properly and eat optimally?

If you can respond YES to at least question, you are in the right place by looking here.

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